Mountainboarding in New Zealand is no longer a 'new' sport. It is however still very much a minority sport.

A lot of riders prefer it this way. They feel that they have something that they enjoy and don't really mind if others don't have much of an idea what its all about. Why not keep this great little secret to themselves?

Hey, it's one way to look at it and that's OK. However, many of us can see that if mountainboarding gets known a little better out there, riders can only benefit. More interested people mean more chances that new riding areas will be opened up. More awareness with the general public could mean more sponsorship opportunities to help with competitions and other demonstration events.

Lets get people into it - give kids (and big kids too) an alternative cross-over sport that compliments the skills of skating, snowboarding and surfing.

Want to know more about mountainboarding?

One of the best places to go is the NZ Mountainboarding Group on Facebook.