What Mountainboard Trucks should I buy?

Posted on 12/07/2010 by Blair

With so many different types of trucks out there and so many different brands new and old it can be daunting for a first time mountain boarder to pick his or her first board. Trucks are possibly the most important part of the board and it's important to pick the right kind of truck for you and the riding you want to do.

There are 3 main types of trucks. Channel trucks (with springs, not suspension), Vectors (twin pin skate trucks) and ATS all terrain skate tucks (a beefed up version of a standard skateboard truck). There is also the Ground Industries bionics but I'm going to include them with channels because for all purposes they are on par with channel trucks. In addition to these there are countless other highly engineered trucks mainly aimed at kite boarders.

Channel Trucks

These trucks have springs which restore the balance of the truck after a turn and some form of dampener within the spring to form the resistance of the truck. They do not have suspension. Similar to this is the Ground Industries (GI) bionic trucks; however these have a cube of rubber of varying density, rather than strings and dampeners, which gives the resistance to the truck.

Channel Trucks

Channel Trucks and GI Bionics are at the top end of downhill, boarder-x, big air and free ride. They are great for any kind of general mountain boarding and are highly recommended. These trucks are generally the heaviest but are the most stable at high speeds and best for heavier riders.

The original channel trucks such as on ATP boards or really old MBS boards are heavy and a bit brutish by current standards, but will be good for heavier riders who want to get into mountain boarding.

Most brands of channel trucks on the market are fairly similar for a beginner. MBS (matrix), GI and Trampa's new channel trucks are all adjustable, that is you can wind down the springs and dampeners to increase the resistance. Dirt Theory and Scrub trucks are not adjustable but do have 3 spring settings to change the turning resistance. GI bionics have a reputation as being non speed wobble trucks because the rubber is always giving some form of resistance on turning so these are also a good alternative to a channel truck.

Vector TrucksVector Trucks

These are a new design from MBS and are a twin pin skate truck. These are an excellent in-between for channels and skate trucks. They are lighter than channel trucks and can handle speed better than skate trucks. They are also in-between in price too.

These trucks are good for lighter riders, general mountain boarding and kite boarding.

Mountain Board Skate Trucks

Mountainboard Skate Trucks

These are beefed up versions of a standard skateboard truck. These are the lightest type of truck but also they are the weakest trucks and handle the least amount of speed. Skate trucks are best left for kids boards and free style kiting. However if you are right into your freestyle kiting throw in just a little more money for some MBS or GI titanium skate trucks or some GI hollow skate trucks.

Skate trucks are pretty much all the same with one exception, Earth board made poor quality weak trucks that bent constantly. These are only good for kids, anyone bigger will destroy them. That said if you see a cheap earth board on trademe it would still be a good board to start on and try out for a child.

Other Trucks

There are loads of other trucks on the market often highly engineered for kite boarders. Not many of these trucks are in New Zealand and are expensive to bring in, but they look really cool. For beginners I suggest staring clear of any of these trucks and sticking to the tried and true for your first board. There are also NoSno boards with different style trucks again but I only know of one NoSno in NZ and they are extremely expensive.

Other Trucks