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  • Jon Diurba has a lot of interests including a range of board sports: kiteboarding, longboarding, snowboarding and mountainboarding. He also has an interest in making video and has created some great mountainboarding videos. more
  • Take 3 long planks of wood. The middle one needs to be narrow enough to add two poles to and still fit nicely between your wheels when grinding. Obviously the 2 side planks need to be the same width so the box is level. more
  • Butterboxes (also called funboxes) have long been the staple favorite of the skate park, and have of late also started turning up in lots of snowparks. more
  • *This is the north shore Francis and I built, we call it 'The Wharf'. * more
  • *This is a tutorial on riding and landing big drops such as cliff drops and north shores.* more
  • Ever since the dawn of this fine sport, crazy people have been chucking themselves at larger and larger jumps, always trying to cheat the pitfalls of pain and land ever increasing acrobatic tom-foolery. If you wish to join this brotherhood of baffoonery then you'll be needing a nice big kicker from which to launch yourself with reckless abandon. more
  • After screwing the first 3 studs in (1 in each corner) measure and cut 2 uprights and screw flush with the end of the ramp. more
  • Currently in board sports more and more riders are straying away from specifically designed freestyle features and are instead starting to hit urban, industrial and even natural obstacles that are found if you look around hard enough. I'm a big fan of this as it usually produces a different style of riding and looking at what is possible to do. Also it's cheap. more
  • Having well maintained gear makes the ride day just that much better.  And less likely that you'll have an injury due to your board failing at that critical time. more
  • We want to provide some basic instruction on mountainboarding so that we can help newbies with some basic riding skills and safety tips. more