Terrain - Where to Ride?

New Zealand ride mapLooking for somewhere new to ride? Going on a roadie and want to know what's out there so you can better plan your trip?

One of the great things about mountainboarding is the ability to do it almost anywhere.  However it can take some time to learn just where those real top spots are.  We want to provide a resource to get you out there and riding new places - spreading the word.

Help required

We need your help to get this section sorted.  Let us know about those areas you ride - build a network of riders and riding areas so that we can all benefit.  The more that mountainboarders put themselves out there, the more chance of getting backers and sponsers involved with events and new encouraging more purpose-built areas to get started.

Note: There are some areas that you just know you shouldn't ride. Annoying your neighbours or local council will just create the wrong impression. The old saying of 'any publicity is good publicity' ... it just isn't true!