NZ Mountain Boarding Road Trip '09

Posted on 24/09/2009 by Blair

Riders from all over the country gathered together at the Waihi dirt park for the beginning of an 8 day road trip hitting up parks in Waihi and Rotorua, free riding and rail jam in Taupo and plenty of skate parks along the way...


First day at Waihi was a warm up, riders getting to know the track, having a few friendly races and having a play on the dirt jump. The jump was kicking high and there were 360’s all round and a big flip too. One young 12 year old rider also stood out as one to watch, after his first day on a board he had found a great racing line the rest of us were too big to take only ever losing due to his light build not holding speed across the flat.

After a good drinking session that night the next day of racing began. Races were held in 3 or 4 man groups with 3 heats each. Joe Lawry going down hard and seeing stars. The final was a 4 man race which really came down to a face-off between Ben Toulmin and Francis Wheeler. Ben winning the day 3 races to 1. Ben won himself an MBS board bag sponsored by which he graciously gave to second place Francis Wheeler.


Next day we were off to Tauranga Skate Park for a short ride. Great riding seen from Ben and Colin until a broken deck finished Colin’s day. From there we travelled to Rotorua to size up the park for the next day of competition.


The completion was to be one Big-Air comp and one Slope-style with points awarded on the two corners, jump and wall ride with the riders single best run being taken. The Big-Air saw so action with 360’s, 540’s and a back flip. The Slope-style was a good watch, a lot of style on the first ply wood corner, including 180’s off the edge, the next corner bring a bit harder to show some style. Attempts were made to air out of the berm and stall on the fence or pipe on top, very entertaining to watch. Switch 360’s and other airs were the go on the jump and tyre taps and the like on the wall ride. Both comps being won by Ben for which he received a set of GI Vegas hubs sponsored by Boarder Patrol.


Next stop was Taupo with a stop off and a local hot water stream for a wash. After setting up for the night the lights came out for a session on the rail and quarter pipe set up in Scottie from Boarder Patrol’s back yard. A good time had all round and plenty of photos taken.

The next day were took off on a 2 or 3km walk into the forest to find a mountain bike track which we were told would be good. As we walked we weren’t even sure if it would be rideable for a board. When we got to it and started walking out we could see we were in for an excellent ride. The track was maybe 700m – 1km winding downhill with rollers and berms perfectly sized for ATB’s. We rode in sections to maximise the opportunity to film as much of the run as we could. The track was great for boards, fast in sections with good run out and few flat spots. Next time a run from top to bottom is on the cards.


After another night on the rail and quarter we were off on the last leg off the roadie with a stop in Napier. Everyone was keen to ride the foam pit to practice flips and spins with Ben showing off back flips over the box. From there we were off to stay at Ben’s house, a big thank you goes out from all of us for his parent hospitality for giving us a place to sleep and cooking and awesome dinner for us all.

Havelock North

The next day was a short ride at the Havelock North Bowl then off home for a rest after 8 days for hard riding.

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