Matt T

Matt T

Years/months/days riding: Started when Gravity Hill opened but faded quickly, started again about May 2009.

What I'm riding: MBS Comp 6, Red T3s

Motto: Live to Ride, Ride to Live

Best MTB experience: Mountain boarding behind a van getting towed with a rope and strapping a video camera to the roof rack to watch it again at one tree hill domain.

Worst MTB experience: First time I jumped on a board again went flying down a hill and there was a mass pool of mud at the bottom, went flying and board landed on me.

Worst bail: 50k down mt welly hill got speed wobbles and shoe came off then hand landed in a pile of cow sh*t.

Mostly ride: Where there's a hill and grass.

Into other stuff: Mountain biking, music, your mum.