Blair 'Blah' Norwood

Blair Norwood

Years/months/days riding: 5 or 6 years

What I'm riding: Munro hybrid, matrix, rockstar pros, black T3, F3's with old earthboard heelstraps. Upgrade coming soon.

Stance: Goofy

Motto: You can't tell me what I can't do

Best trick: 360 but I'm doing for the front flip.

Comp results: 3rd place in boarder-x at Waihi.

Worst bail: Hit a set of drops, first one went wrong, second drop threw me and I broke an ankle.

Mostly ride: Tole street, Fran's house, would like to ride Waihi more.

Best feature built: The wharf - the landing is 3m down (see video below)

Into other stuff: Paintball

Music: Papa Roach, Rise Against, Seether, stuff like that.