GYIO - Micro Floor Pump

Posted on 05/12/2009 by Caleb

Sick of the crappy footpumps I've previously used always breaking on me, I decided to see if I could find a reliable light pump.

GIYO Micro Floor Pump

This one is small (27cm long x 4cm at widest) and it's light; doesn't have scales, but its lighter than my wallet and I'm not rich.

It can pump tubes up to 143psi and took no time at all getting my newly repaired tube up to 100psi.

The pump is designed for bikes and comes with ties and clips for attachment, but I just binned those and kept just the pump. The pump itself has a fold-out foot rest, an arm with a soft extention (good for getting into small areas), and a locking air clip that doesn't let all the air out when you disconnect it.

GIYO Micro Floor Pump


Perfect to chuck in a backpack with some scab patches and a wrench to be able to deal with punctures in a matter of minutes rather than ruin a good session riding.

Mine cost $22 from Torpedo7 + $7 postage.