DirtBoard Waihi Boarder-X, 16-17 January 2010

Posted on 24/01/2010 by Viv

The weekend of the 16th - 17th January saw a group of riders at the Waihi mountainboard track for some free-riding and track racing.

Saturday was fine and hot, with the track dry and fast - as it has been for some time.  It was a good chance to try out some of the new and altered features, including the new straight section of track with two large rollers and a double / gap jump.  The double proved to be a bit of a sticky one for several, with Trent, Ryan and Ken all having a few issues with it.

Saturday night it rained, enough to dampen down the track but no so much that it became greasy.  It was a bit cooler too for the morning which helped.


Seven riders competed: Blair, Chris, Hayden, Ken, Ryan, Trent, Viv

There was some good racing, with 2 and 3-man heats.  There was almost an upset in the ranks, with Hayden our youngest rider giving Blair a good run for his money and Ken doing a sterling job by not letting the young guys have an easy time of it.

The overall winner for the day was Chris, with Trent coming second and Blair third.

Thanks to all the riders and family members for coming out over the weekend.  It was a smaller number of riders than last year, but we all had a good time and had no serious injuries (definitely a few bruises though).


Thanks to my wife Asse for the photos below.  We didn't capture all of the thrills and spills, but there are a few good ones in this Flickr slideshow: