Rider Profile: Caleb B

time riding: 8-9 years

what i'm riding: i have 4 boards, a GI conflict with homemade heelies and a paint job. an old GI flite lite with trispokes, f3 bindings, and homemade heelies. another flite lite with homemade bindings and street slicks. and a MBS comp26 with ABS hydraulic breaks and modified snowboard bindings.

motto: "are you throwing that ply away buddy?"

The Airstrip

best experience: on my 30th birthday i took myself off to mt hut and did my first big long downhill on their off seasson access road, envolved turning blue due to getting soaked way up in the clouds and wind, nearly being hit by a sizeable rockslip, and my beaks failing on me at high speed. but the riding was some of the best i've done and has started a lifelong love affair with big mountain riding.

worst experience: seeing someone on a spine board put into a helicopter at a center we were riding at back in blighty. i hate the injury side of the sport.

where i ride: mostly my house and the airstrip.

into other things: photography, music, film, good litreture. whatever takes my mind off work and reminds me to enjoy life.

worst bail: coastal mountainboard center, board sliped out on a berm, i came down on the top edge and felt like i'd been popped. apparently that was my ribs breaking. more painfull than i'd been led to belive.

which board riders inspire me: jeremy jones in snowboarding, king of the big mountain. danny wainright in skating, use to skate at the same spots as him and his streetskating is imense. and the no-sno riders in mountainboarding, saw the tanthams and andy potter riding at my local hill in bristol and they were just amazing, decided thats how i wanted to ride.

music on the ipod: i deffinetly have tunes on in the car on the way to and from a place to get me psyked, not so much when i'm riding. but it is amazing to listen to a tune thats lasts as long as a big long road run. as for style, thats down to the shuffle, could be the sex pistols, could be bob dylan, could be system of the down.

stance: i'm a regular mongo

best trick: if i land back on four wheels i'm doing well. this seasson is gonna be the dawning of handplants and frontflips for me tho, i hope...