Build a Cheap Wooden Kicker - PART 2

Posted on 22/09/2009 by Caleb

After screwing the first 3 studs in (1 in each corner) measure and cut 2 uprights and screw flush with the end of the ramp.


Now cut a square of ply the same width and height of your ramp (mine was 99cm by 1m). If you can find a chunky piece for this even better as this piece braces the whole ramp and stops it from wobbling.

Screw this onto the end of your ramp making sure to keep it all flush, this should give you a perfectly level ramp. Now secure a stud every 40cm from the top lip of the ramp. If your top sheet is quite thin you might want to make that 30cm.







You now have the basic shape sorted, just the top sheet to go. Chuck this onto the frame you've built and start securing from the lip downwards. Sit on the ply as you screw it in making sure to keep the edges even all the way down. I recomend about 5 screws to each stud, nails will just pop right back out here so don't bother.

Applying plywood top-sheet to frame

Finished, unpainted ramp

Finished, painted wooden kicker

OK now all you need to do is paint it. I recomend this as it increases the life of the ramp and just looks a wee bit more nifty. Then place it next to your ready made dirt landing or nice steep hill, and get it ridden.

A ramp like this is great for all abilities and at all speeds, cheap to make and should last a long time. :)

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