Build yourself a Butterbox

Posted on 24/10/2009 by Caleb

Butterboxes (also called funboxes) have long been the staple favorite of the skate park, and have of late also started turning up in lots of snowparks.

The idea is to have something just a wee bit off the ground that you can jib on and off with careless abandon and not too much fear of breaking bones if you get it wrong. You can ride them flat, spin on and off them, do all sorts of manuals over them (hence the name butterbox), drop no complys and noserolls off them, whatever floats your boat.

The one I've built here was constructed from random stuff I had lying around and is fairly simple, but you could go wild with designs if you so wished. You can incorporate all sorts of features, ramps, steps, rails, edges...etc, but in essence its just a box you trick onto and off again.


First off you have the lego brick of any cheap mountainboard obstacle: the pallet. Here I've lined three up that were the same width (a lot of pallets are built at 1.2m square which is a good wide area for a board to sit on). Next I've added some strips of ply to the bottom of two of them to make them all the same depth.


Next, I started to build a frame onto the bottom of the pallets, just some old roofing joists nailed along the sides and end to give the box a wee bit of height. You could just as easily use more pallets underneath instead, but this is what was lying about at the time.

Flip the whole thing over, stand back, and start planning what you'd like to add to it.

As mine is for both learners and seasoned riders, I made a small mellow ramp that rolled you onto the box. This is just another pallet leant up against the others.


I then covered the top in a layer of ply offcut strips that just make it a bit smoother to ride (pallets are fine by themselves, but it is possible to get fingers caught if you bail on them and that's not safe enough for my learners).  I found a perfect length of metal roof cladding (stuff that goes round the edge of a building) and screwed that to one side, this is great for slides and grinds as your zooming past the box.


lastly I added a 3m rail at the end of the box which is just a little bit higher than the box and exactly the right level to roll onto with ease. The rail is just an easy wood construction with a strip of roofing tin tacked over to grind on.


Butterboxes are real fun and once you've out grown them you just add more layers and features to them. Cheap as chips to build and will progress your skills loads.