Build a simple Box Rail

Posted on 24/02/2010 by Caleb

Take 3 long planks of wood. The middle one needs to be narrow enough to add two poles to and still fit nicely between your wheels when grinding. Obviously the 2 side planks need to be the same width so the box is level.

Next, cut all the planks to the same length, taking into account the length of your poles. I'd try and go at least 3 metres as anything less feels quite a short ride on a metre long mountain board.

Lay out some timber, leaving space for the 2 ends, flush with each side - nice and chunky if possible, you'll be giving it a lot of punishment later on. Now add the two end pieces, same width as your middle section (off-cuts are spot
on) and same height as your 2 sides. They should fit flush on the middle plank just
like the timbers.

Start nailing it all together, the more nails the safer the rail. Flip it all over, sit it on the 2 ends, and start to attach the side planks. Make sure there's no sagging and the side is at the same height as the timbers, and leave the right angle for your pole to sit in. Walla - a strong long box. I added a couple of noggins (wooden strength spacers, 1 very metre) at the bottom just to keep it sturdy.

Now you are ready to attach the poles (the ones pictured were liberated from an old gate). You need 2 metal drill bits, 1 the same gauge as the threaded shaft of the wood screw you'll be using, and one a little wider than the head of the screw.

Drill all the way thru with the smaller bit first, and then just through one side with the second. you should now find you can fit your screw straight into the pole and it will grip nicely securing with no wobble. One fixture at each end and one about every metre should do it. Position the pole so the holes aren't on the top, go diagonally into the chunky timber supports, or when you board slide they will grate into the laminate of your board.

My poles had untidy ends so I just tidyed them up with a grinder. Whilst I was at it I just ran the grinder along the top of the rail where my trucks will run, this just gets rid of any rust if your using old poles.

After riding this box rail happily for ages,  I had some friends come over and have a go. I have Ground Industries boards, the axles on these trucks go from wheel to wheel, rides on this rail perfectly. My friends hit it ... stack nasty!

The regular style spring channel trucks they ride have the axles back to front, thus the low part just chews into the wooden top of the box. Have rebuilt the rail with a strip of metal roof flashing all the way along the top, works brilliant. You can always just flip your axles around as well.

You can use this style of mounting the tubes to cope jib boxes, quarter pipes, your dads car, whatever takes your fancy. It's a strong and cheap way to build yourself a grind box that can live in your yard, or be chucked on the top of the car and dragged to that perfect spot.
Go get grinding :)