Auckland - The Domain

Posted on 29/08/2009 by Joe

An all-time favourite for teaching noobies how to mountainboard.

Auckland Domain

The runs are nice and gradual on the grass and it's just a beautiful area to hang out at. Always heaps happening here in the summer months.

One of the longest runs you can get around town. Start in front of the museum ... ride down to where the toilets are ... keep going across the street and down through Lovers' Lane. To make it a bit more extreme, make sure you have your tyres pumped up nice and hard. The run down Lovers' Lane gets really muddy and slow during winter and not really worth the trouble. However, if you're really keen, you can go down the path that runs next to Lover's Lane, and hop onto the grass and dodge the trees to slow you down. Levels out nicely at the bottom. Just a nice, cruzy run for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Lovers' Lane also has a funky little natural half-pipe at the top of it.

There is a large area at the domain with a bunch of cricket pitches, which doubles as a soccer field. To the side of that is a hilly bit with a bunch of trees on it. Quite a nice run if you wanna practice your slalom skills by dodging the trees. Good place for taking a kicker along if you want to practice some jumps. I suggest starting at the top of the hill, bombing it down and before the final drop into the cricket pitch, set up your kicker so you can get a bit of air before dropping into the cricket pitch.

Right in front of the museum is a concreted area with a low-ish wall around it. You can roll in from the grass, onto the wall, and jump off it. Does that make sense? Oh well, just go there and you'll see. Otherewise if your name is Matt, or if you're just generally crazy, scoot along the concrete to get up some speed,then do the 6 odd stair jump at the end.